If you are pregnant and use tobacco in any form (including vaping) or have quit within 3 months of becoming pregnant you may qualify to receive FREE diaper/wipes voucher worth $25 each beginning with your third prenatal session in the program. Vouchers will continue throughout your pregnancy and monthly for 12 months after delivery, if you remain tobacco-free! Call Marsha at 423-279-7557 for more information.

BABY & ME™ Tobacco Free Program is a smoking cessation program created to reduce the burden of tobacco use on the pregnant and post-partum population. Women who quit smoking are less likely to have premature and low-birth weight babies. Maintaining smoking cessation after the baby is born extends the positive health outcomes for women and their families by reducing the damaging effects of secondhand smoke. This program is offered in Blountville and Kingsport offices.

How does the BABY & ME – Tobacco Free Program Work?

Who is eligible?

Any pregnant mom who currently uses tobacco or has used tobacco (including e-cigarettes/vape) within 3 months of pregnancy

What you need to do:

  • Enroll in the Baby & Me – Tobacco Free Program
  • Attend 4 prenatal sessions and be eligible to receive a $25.00 diaper/wipes voucher at prenatal sessions 3 & 4, if tobacco-free
  • Quit smoking and stay quit during and after your pregnancy
  • Agree to take a breath test at each visit
  • Stay tobacco free after your baby is born and receive a monthly $25.00 diaper/wipes voucher for up to 12 months
  • A smoker who lives with you can enroll, quit smoking and you receive an additional monthly $25.00 diaper/wipes voucher for up to 12 months

Call: 423-279-2777 to enroll today!!

Marsha Clark, LPN, CMAA

Baby & Me Tobacco Free Coordinator