CHANT, what is it?
CHANT is more than saying or shouting repeatedly in a singsong tone. For the Department of Health it is far from that.
For years our Health Dept. has served the community with our HUGS, CSS and Tender Care Outreach programs. These three modalities have now merged into what we now know as CHANT.
CHANT is a way to identify and address risk factors at both the individual and community level.
A multi-disciplinary team will assist families in setting goals for the child/family for improvement of health. It also will assist in the navigation of care (medical and social), identify appropriate referrals/resources based on the needs of the child/family, and educate using evidence based, developmentally appropriate guidance.
Targeted populations include Pregnant Women, High risk children(less than 5 years of age), TennCare Kids enrollees (birth to 20 years of age) and Children with Special Healthcare Needs (birth to 21 years of age).
For more information please contact the Sullivan County Health Department at 423-279-7597.