Gary Mayes

Welcome to Sullivan County (Tennessee) Regional Health Department’s Website!  We strive to make this resource a friendlier, easier way of accessing public health information for our residents.


Our motto is “The Road to Good Public Health,” and I believe this site provides the community with a roadmap to navigate our services and today’s relevant public health information. This means providing you and your family with protection from the health threats such as food-borne illnesses, natural and man-made disasters, toxic exposures, and preventable injury. Public Health also works to prevent chronic diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes and their risk factors: poor nutrition, inadequate physical activity, and tobacco use.


Our Website is as diverse as the communities we serve. Here, you will find information and links for nearly every health concern. Included are the most popular health topics, current health warnings and advisories. I am especially proud of our staff and the high level of service and commitment they bring to delivering Public Health in our county. Our goal is to prevent disease and to protect you, our public, from negative health outcomes. If you need more information on any program, or have suggestions for how we may better serve you, please contact us, we will appreciate your comments.


We invite you to browse through these pages, provide feedback, and learn more about how our health department works with our community, in our community and for our community.  Together, we can make Sullivan County, Tennessee, a healthier and safer community.




Gary Mayes