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Unsmokeable is a movement led by the Sullivan County Regional Health Department in an effort to encourage and inspire Sullivan County youth to live a smoke-free life. Unsmokeable is defined as not smoking due to a commitment of living a strong and healthy life, meaning that one knows the consequences of smoking and chooses to refrain. This campaign is funded by the Tennessee Department of Health and the Tennessee Tobacco Settlement Program.

Unsmokeable needs to communicate with the youth of Sullivan County on the media platforms they use, such as Instagram. Our challenge? Design and execute a communication plan that integrates the major social networks used by today’s middle schoolers.

BRANDING: Fun and fresh colors compliment the geometric layout and element design.

MARKETING: To reach the youth of Northeast Tennessee, the use of social networks was important. As the central communications platform, Instagram proved to be the most popular network. Digital advertising was used on kid-friendly websites to recapture the target audience. These banners brought the audience to a website filled with fun facts and cool games that promoted smoking cessation. TV commercials and billboards were used to communicate the message of Unsmokeable to parents.

PRODUCTS: Products are a great way to share a message and ensure it will be remembered. We’ve given away backpack bundles, t-shirts, and selfie sticks with our logo, and held sweepstakes for participants to win more fun prizes.